Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Five Haikus by Michael Frissore

Haiku # 1

I don’t care what
sushi is
I don’t like it.

Haiku # 2

Why would a man born
Kanji Inoki
call himself Antonio?

Haiku # 3

I read him some haikus
and he nailed me
with a Kendo stick

Haiku # 4

Being sneaky does
not make you a ninja it
makes you annoying.

Haiku #5

I can’t thank a
Japanese man without
adding, “Mr. Roboto.”

Michael Frissore has an adorable lil' chapbook called Poetry is Dead (Coatlism, 2009) and an even adorabler lil' blog called michaelfrissore.blogspot.com. He lives in Arizona with his wife and son.

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